Our solutions help clients improve their customer’s journey – from acquisition to advocacy – and also the way they approach change management within their marketing organization.  Each solution provides best in class processes and tools to make a measurable difference:
  • Acquisition Acceleration – this solution looks at your entire organization’s process for acquiring (and keeping) new customers and identifies improvements along the way to quickly increase results.
  • Customer Journey Optimization - with this solution we take a holistic look through the lens of your different types of customers at what they experience with you, and provide ways to increase customer satisfaction, inhibit defection, encourage loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and customer profitability.
  • Marketing Change Management - we help clients manage the huge transformations impacting marketing departments today.  Unlike the ‘big name’ consultancies, we don’t dwell on 20,000 ft perspectives but drill down to provide hands-on practical help in making positive change a reality.