Buyers have shifted expectations of relationships between them and the companies they do business with. Change management must be evaluated and not based solely on the tools needing to be adopted, but also how those tools can be best used in a modern demand generation framework. Historical marketing practices, processes and organizations will not succeed in our current world.

Radiant 1’s Marketing Change Management practice helps guide our Client’s through this transformation. Our approach helps you define your business case, get a 20,000 foot perspective on what changes are needed, and most importantly provides a customized methodology and tools, plus hands on approach, to make change happen.

Our services include the following:

  1. Business Case Development – helping you identify needs and goals, understand stakeholder challenges, and provide an independent perspective on your culture and desired state…all to help you build the case for change.
  2. Change Management Planning – customized model for marketing change management, because one approach doesn’t suit all. We identify pockets of resistance to change and what actions to consider to overcome these obstacles. The end result is a plan which provides a framework and road map to go from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow.
  3. Implementation, Communication, and Adoption Planning – We’ll recommend how to communicate the future state your trying to achieve and excite and motivate employees. We’ll help develop leaders, and facilitate/coach teams through times of change. We can also help you with your marketing technology  implementation – encouraging better adoption, compliance, engagement and efficiencies with any marketing tool (e.g. CRM, marketing automation, social marketing platforms, etc.)




  • Improving organization or department culture
  • Accelerating processes to get to market faster and better
  • Aligning organizational mission and vision to current market circumstances
  • Increasing success rates for technology adoption and compliance
  • Gaining better intra-departmental communications and outcomes
  • Training teams to embrace change
  • Developing a more agile approach to innovation or marketing
  • Creating a future vision for organization or department structure and skill set requirements


  • Business case development
  • Process/model identification
  • Future state development
  • Process engineering
  • Agile Marketing implementation
  • Organizational structure change
  • Cultural change management
  • CRM/Marketing Automation Optimization
  • Internal communications development



FedEx corporate management was committed to organization-wide change that would improve their customer experience, reduce go-go-market cycle times and costs, codify processes, and clarify skill set needs, roles and responsibilities. A leading management consulting firm developed high level theory and direction for this FedEx initiative but lacked the will or the skills to transform theory into everyday reality for their client’s marketing organization. So FedEx called on Radiant 1.

Working with multiple groups in FedEx Marketing, Radiant 1 utilized an Agile Marketing approach/philosophy to process design. this included identifying 118 core processes across all aspects of marketing, from segment strategy development to program/communications delivery and measurement, then setting about rationalizing/streamlining each process. We also created six levels of detailed workflow processes, based on the principles of Six Sigma. These covered large and small segment strategy and Voice of the Customer stories/personas. Each level of workflow detailed objectives, inputs, deliverables, dependencies, key groups, IT requirements and support needs., KPIs and typical risks. We then identified those workflows which were typically holding up fast turnaround on programs, and focused on removing blockages and streamlining.

Once workflows were established, Radiant 1 helped make FOCUS operational by leveraging a broad selection of techniques and tools: from service Level Agreements to Governance processes to templates for scrum teams, our approach was comprehensive and effective.

How effective? the FOCUS work drove re-organization for the Customer marketing department, while improving efficiencies and ROI Training and recruitment were based on skill sets from FOCUS, ensuring consistency in staff development and skills. Open discussion of issues significantly improving intra-department “problem” relationships. And implementing our agile approach led to faster cycle times, resulting in improved speed to market and measurable marketing program results.


Our research at Discover’s call centers found increased employee skepticism about management’s understanding of the customer contact process, and an alarming lack of awareness about Discover’s competitive situation. Worse still was Discover Card’s customer satisfaction ranking: dead last.

Radiant 1 was engaged to turn around this problem area, resulting in a ground-breaking program: “It’s You Behind The Card” was a multi-year plan to change corporate culture and improve the customer experience. The program involved virtually all internal marketing tools: call center POS, e-mails/voice mails to employees newsletter editorial and meetings with upper management, intranet message board, interactive programmed learning, and frequent employee surveys. it also empowered call reps by giving them the authority to deliver customers at will, and various role-switching days for management/employees which helped close the trust gap that had developed.

The results? Staff turnover dropped. Customer attrition was reduced. Customer satisfaction scores, a lifeblood for many in financial services, jumped from worst to first over the course of the program. And the program continues today, extending into consumer advertising the Discover Card call center reps as the centerpiece of their latest campaign focusing on service.



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