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Radiant 1’s Customer Journey Optimization process helps clients better manage their customers’ journey. It starts by taking a holistic perspective and looking across your organization’s entire process for getting, keeping and growing customers. We’ll help you understand what customers are experiencing and identify pragmatic improvements along the way that will help improve your customers’ experience…and ultimately increase sales, augment satisfaction levels, engender loyalty, and inhibit defection.

Our four stage process:

  1. Mapping – delivers detailed journey maps for your most common customer personae, so you can see what your customers experience, across all digital and non-digital touch points
  2. Performance Analysis – a deep dive into each journey stage to highlight the opportunities & obstacles, communication flows, and the time to complete each stage. You’ll learn what’s working and what isn’t,    and get various benchmarks to help make measureable changes.
  3. Journey Improvements – combination of both short and medium term strategies and actions to improve the journey leading to improved ROI. This could encompass changes to your contact strategy, call center engagement, UI/UX, customer segmentation, content strategy & curation, even your internal processes between marketing, sales, operations, and customer service.
  4. Journey Interruption – determines when defection is most likely to occur, how to prevent it, who is most likely to defect based on behaviors or certain business characteristics, and what cost effective remedies are available from a communication perspective.





  • Understanding what the journey is from different customer personas vantage points
  • Identifying weaknesses or obstacles in the journey
  • Knowing who and when to upsell/cross-sell, and how to get better at it
  • Defining and achieving loyalty and encouraging advocacy
  • Identifying ‘at risk’ customers, and winning back those who defect
  • Linking marketing, sales and customer service data and improving coordination
  • Improving and accelerating the new customer ‘boarding’ process


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Segmentation & persona development
  • Gap analysis & journey augmentation
  • Data analytics
  • CRM/Marketing Automation Optimization
  • Investment strategy
  • Website analysis & UI/UX
  • Offer, message, & contact strategy
  • Testing & Marketing Labs
  • Campaign development



FedEx realized that an increasingly important shipping audience were small business customers. Radiant 1 helped FedEx define their overall approach to this segment, encompassing everything from strategy, segmentation, positioning, loyalty program testing, data consultancy and customer journey mapping. We created a ‘marketing lab’, allowing FedEx to test changing elements of their contact strategy in a controlled environment. After Radiant 1 helped them map the journey, FedEx realized how much they needed a unifying rallying cry to span both new and existing customers.

This led to “Think FedEx First” –  a concept to dramatize FedEx benefits of reliability, value, and coverage. By unifying all small business customer communications around ‘Think FedEx First’, including internal communications, direct mail, email, microsites, banners, sales tools, retail, sponsorship, traditional advertising, local marketing, social media and online video, to all sizes and types of small business customer (including Hispanic and Asian businesses) we helped FedEx provide a coordinated voice and a more streamlined journey for all key segments.
The results were unprecedented, with double digit growth across most customer segments, share gain at the expense of UPS, and improvements in customer satisfaction metrics.



GTE engaged Radiant 1 to help launch their new GTE Unlimited® business bundled service, and evolve a true ‘cradle to grave’ customer journey strategy and plan. We knew we had to change the traditional ‘boarding strategy’ within the industry of sending a bill as the first contact. Yet our aim was higher in trying to minimize churn and maximize revenues and lifetime value. Radiant 1 took an inside-out approach, identifying all of the obstacles and hindrances business customers experienced.

We then built what was the telco industry’s first true customer relationship program, based on the concept of Signature – a symbol of commitment between GTE and their customers. Customer contacts were based on identified trigger events in a GTE/customer relationship. The program, which spanned both internal and external communications, included creating the industry’s first Service Guarantee to help inhibit defection. Data analysis helped target the best-qualified customers and right timing for product upsell. Constant data acquisition through surveys and an augmented CRM system helped drive a more personalized contact program, and better predictive insights of behavior. GTE even offered to ‘right size’ customers based on their usage, proactively helping customers get on the right package for their business needs and adjusting their bill retroactively. The results were amazing. Customers repaid GTE with greater loyalty – a 50% reduction in average churn levels, which easily offset the costs of the program. Revenue per customer rose by 12%. And customer satisfaction/recommendation scores achieved their highest levels ever.

Journey-GTEThe results were amazing. Customers repaid GTE with greater loyalty – a 50% reduction in average churn levels, which easily offset the costs of the program. Revenue per customer rose by 12%. And customer satisfaction/recommendation scores achieved their highest levels ever.


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